Flash mobs have emerged as a popular publicity tool and even political parties are jumping on the bandwagon. On Sunday, Brigade Road saw scores of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters and candidates come together to witness a flash mob to the party’s theme song.

The event also saw several members and volunteers break into patriotic songs like ‘Saare jahan se achcha’ and ‘Hum Hindustani’.

The AAP supporters also signed petitions on the party’s favourite theme: anti-corruption.

The general mood of the crowd was upbeat, especially with a number of first-time voters participating. The slogan “Brashtachar ko de jhadu (sweep out corruption)”, was heard loud in the air.

V. Balakrishnan, AAP’s candidate for the Bangalore Central constituency, said the party was providing the people of India with an alternative from the two mainstream parties – the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress. Joining him, Nina Nayak, the party’s candidate for South Bangalore, said the youth should take advantage of the political revolution.

The flash mob got the party quite a bit of attention. “The AAP will definitely make a change in bigger cities but may not make the same change in rural areas,” felt Sunil, a private company employee.

“I’m impressed with the party’s intention for clean politics, but I am sceptical about its ability to sustain itself as a government, especially after the Delhi debacle,” said Bharat, a student.

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