A day after they staged a protest, fresh hires, who are still waiting for their joining dates at tech major HCL, waited all day at the Ulsoor police station for human resources personnel to turn up for the promised negotiation.

When the police called the HCL office to contact the HR, they found that the HR person, who was part of talks initiated by the police on Monday, was on leave. Police sources said the company then promised to send HR persons from Chennai or Noida for negotiations by 7 p.m., but it did not happen. They also said no formal complaint had been lodged barring a memorandum the protesters had submitted.

A computer science engineering graduate, who spent most of the day in front of the police station, said “it was unacceptable” that no one turned up to negotiate. “Even the police have been most sympathetic to us on this issue. But the HCL staff are simply not open to discussion. They are asking us to wait, but we are just losing months and now a year.”

Another recruit, who moved from Hassan and is living in a shared accommodation here, said: “How much longer can I wait? I was one of the first to get a job in my batch. Now, I am neither a fresher nor do I have any experience to show for nearly a year. They are playing with our lives.”

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