“August 25 in the year 20,896 will be a Sunday,” declares Subhramanya Kadrehalli. He has designed a calendar that he claims will keep time perpetually.

Mr. Kadrehalli’s perpetual calendar allows the calculation of any day of the week for a given date of any year, past or future. The calculations that made it possible for him to put this calendar together have taken an entire year to crack. “This is probably the most accurate perpetual calendar in the world,” Mr. Kadrehalli claims.

“According to my calculations, the other calendars are likely to be accurate for only 200 years,” he says. Pulling out a small notebook, he reveals that this is where he has worked out all his calculations.

Calendars from 00 AD to 20,999 AD were born out of this little scraggly notebook that barely holds together at the seams. “I have made the most accurate calendar for the 100,799th year,” he says.

Asked about his secret formula, he says: “My father was an astrologer and calculated days of given dates accurately. He had given me the codes for a week and for 12 months for the entire 20th Century. I decided to calculate backwards and reached Friday of the 00th AD, which the Christians call the Good Friday, and then I realized that my father had given me the most accurate codes for creating a perpetual calendar chart for any year,” he says.

Mr. Kadrehalli aims to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

A believer in the philosophy that knowledge is public property, he says: “I haven’t kept my calculation techniques or codes secret like many do. I want people who are interested in perpetual calendars to know the accurate days of any given date, calculate it and verify it too.”

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