What if you're watching your favourite actor's movie and the man himself turns up in your neighbourhood?

This is what happened to 47-year-old Zamrooda, a Neelsandra resident, on Wednesday.

She was watching a rerun of a Raj Babbar film when someone told her the actor-turned-politician was campaigning in the locality for Congress candidates for the forthcoming BBMP polls.

Ms. Zamrooda dropped everything and rushed to Neelsandra Chowk in Shantinagar, elbowed her way through the crowds and managed to reach right in front of the stage. Covering her head with the pallu of her sari, whose colour matched her blushes, she bowed and offered a salam to her hero.

When she got a gracious salam in return, the star-struck mother of 12 stood rooted to the spot, watching Mr. Babbar responding to the cheering crowd, which included burqa-clad women that lined the market area.

“I was watching his Nikaah on a television channel in my house. I could not believe when someone told me that Babbarji was coming to our area for campaigning. I have watched all his films and have seen Nikaah more than 20 times,” she told The Hindu.

“I did not waste a moment and rushed here to catch a glimpse of my hero,” she giggled. “Masha Allah, he is still so charming. My heart is praying for him that he retains his youthful looks and may he live long.”

Ms. Zamrooda, known as Bachewali Zamrooda Aapa, in her locality, followed every movement of her idol.

Witness change

Mr. Babbar, an MP from Firozabad, came straight to the point. “You will realise the change and witness development of your city if you put the seal on haath — the Congress symbol — on the administration of Bangalore,” he said.

“Of the Rs. 2,000 crore allotted for Bangalore's development under the Centre's Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), the BJP Government here has not spent even 60 per cent. Vote Congress and see the change,” he said.

He was accompanied by Congress members C.M. Ibrahim, R. Roshan Baig, N.A. Harris, Motamma, V.S. Ugrappa, and Jalaja Naik.

Starting his campaign from Yelahanka, Mr. Babbar covered the Assembly constituencies of Hebbal, Shivajinagar, Shantinagar, Vijayanagar and Chamarajpet.

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