For those who can linger, here are the most-sought after breakfast combos

With eateries mushrooming at every cross road, restaurant and café-goers in Koramangala never complain about the dearth of good food.

Café Terra, however, stands out for serving mouth-watering samples of non-Indian cuisines. Samples, because here are a few of the world's most popular breakfast preferences — eggs, sandwiches, crepes and waffles —all made the ‘Terra' way.

The start

The erstwhile Belgian Café de Lekkerbek became Café Terra five years ago when two of its most frequent customers, Ranjeet Ranade and Riad Mahmood, decided to buy it in order to continue the tradition of providing international breakfasts on Indian terra firma.

For college student in a hurry, light breakfast options are chicken and mayo sandwich, garden omelette and spinach and cheese crepe. The sandwiches could either be plain or grilled, white or brown bread, while eggs could be just the whites.

However, for those who can linger there are the most sought-after breakfast combos — the Belgian and English. Served with scrambled eggs, toast, chicken sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes and potatoes along with tea or coffee, this breakfast will definitely keep your appetite in check until late evening.

Another alternative could be the ham and mushroom omelette with toast and grilled potatoes — a perfect brunch.

Want something closer home? There are Tibetan momos and thukpa and Sri Lankan curry with steamed rice, and the only Indian exception, ‘omelette a la railway station'.

The Café Terra experience is complete if you have their signature Brussels waffles served with maple syrup (or chocolate syrup and vanilla ice-cream). The Belgian crepe with bananas and vanilla ice-cream is heaven on earth. An appealing feature are the comic books stacked in one corner of the café, adding light humour with a hot cup of coffee served in huge blue ceramic cups, a perfect end to your meal.

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Paper PlateJanuary 13, 2011

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