Chief Minister gives away medals to 126 personnel at investiture ceremony

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said that the government will recruit 8,500 personnel for the State police force this year to fill the existing vacancies.

Speaking at the Medal Investiture Ceremony at KSRP parade ground in Koramangala here on Thursday, Mr. Siddaramaiah said that the government plans to recruit more police personnel in the coming year.

The Chief Minister gave away medals to 126 police personnel of the Karnataka State Police. He said that the government plans to increase the monetary reward given with the medals to Rs. 10,000 from Rs. 5,000.

He said that the duties of the police personnel were extremely crucial and that the government would provide support to the force to ensure its smooth functioning. He instructed the police personnel to cooperate with citizens and to not neglect anyone who approached the police with any complaints.

He stressed the importance of providing value education to the children of the police force and said that steps would be taken to ensure that it is given in the institutions that have been set up for their children in Bangalore, Mysore and Dharwad.

The government proposes to set up a facility similar to an army canteen for police personnel to avail themselves of commodities at subsidised rates.

The Chief Minister said that the government would discuss the lifting of taxes levied by the State government as well as the Union government so that they can get commodities at lower rates.

In light of the recent floods in Uttarakhand which has left many people stranded, Mr. Siddaramaiah said that three officers were dispatched by the State government to help in the rescue operation of people from Karnataka, believed to be about 300, who are stranded there.

He said that they were in touch with the Union government to help co-ordinate their evacuation. He also said that the government would be ready to offer financial aid if required.

The group which left to Dehradun on Wednesday consists of IPS officer Hemant Nimbalkar, IAS officer Naveen Raj Singh and KAS officer Kari Gowda.