26 people boarded a flight from Dehradun to Bangalore on Sunday

Even as 20 more persons from Karnataka were rescued in Uttarakhand on the last day of the rescue operations, Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Internal Security) Hemanth Nimbalkar said that one rescue team will continue to stay in the flood-hit area for a few more days.

“Though the rescue operations have been completed, we are not moving all our teams,” said Mr. Nimbalkar. He said that 26 people had boarded the flight to Bangalore on Sunday evening and were expected to reach the city around 8.30 p.m. Of these, 22 are from Belgaum and four from Bangalore city.

Over 400 rescued

Meanwhile, another 50 to 60 rescued persons will be boarding a flight to Dehradun on Monday. The officer, who is one of the State officials monitoring the rescue operations, said that over 400 persons from Karnataka had been rescued till Sunday.

“When we consider the pilgrims who were stranded for about one or two days, the count is over 1,000 people,” he said.

Yet to be traced

Mr. Nimbalkar said that 13 people from Maddur and one from Bangalore (B.S. Ravikumar, a cook from a travel agency), who were reported missing, are yet to be traced.

Further, Mr. Nimbalkar said: “According to the information we have received and through the various phone calls received by relatives of stranded victims, all known and contacted persons have been rescued.”