Describing the celebration by TDP-CPI for their victory in the GVMC Standing Committee election as ridiculous and attributing it to the weakness of the Congress caused by its distancing the YSR Congress, YSRC convenor and corporator G.V. Ravi Raju said his party would continue to agitate on people's problems. However, there was nothing for the TDP and the CPI to celebrate as their victory was not achieved on their own strength.

Taking the resolve of YSRC corporators easy, the ruling party had unsuccessfully tried to lure them and win with their support. The ruling party wanted to join hands for the sake of power but YSRC was not ready to support them as aligning with those who imposed a heavy burden on people and steeped in corruption would be letting down people, Mr. Ravi Raju said. The ruling Congress had paid the price in the standing committee election, he said adding people were ready to vote for YSRC if election were held after the term of the present body came to an end.

Mr. Ravi Raju demanded that in the Standing Committee the TDP should work for people and pass a resolution limiting the property tax increase to 75 per cent.

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