With a total population of 127 crores, the proportion of women is only 62 crores, leading to an inequality of 1000 (men): 940 (women). Female foeticide is a sin and the responsibility to control the evil practice rests on each one of us, INTACH coordinator Rani Sarma said.

Expressing concern over social evils such as female infanticide, gender discrimination and low literacy level among girls at a meeting organised by the women’s wing of Green Climate here on Sunday, she said: “In our country, the literacy rate among girls is only 59 per cent. And those living in rural areas are the worst affected as many of them do not have access to proper schools. Lack of toilet facility and poor economic conditions are some of the reasons that contribute to the low literacy rate.”

With the onset of election season, where prospective candidates hit the campaign trail to win votes, representatives of Green Climate – P. Sirisha, G. Sushma, J. Rajeswari and P. Aruna, among others, – underlined the need make a list of demands to put forward during election.

From basic requirements such as toilet facility in government schools to Women’s Reservation Bill to be passed in Parliament, they said that it was the right time to pin down the political candidates who failed to keep their promise.

The list of their demands include constitution of ‘Mahila Grama Sabha’, launch of special schemes for the women belonging to fisherman community, initiation of schools, junior and degree colleges for girls apart from facilitating minimum two bogies for women train passengers.

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