At a programme on women in ancient Indian philosophy, organised by Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Centre for Women’s Studies in Vizag

Decades ago, women were diplomatic and dynamic in any of the roles they played. There were dynamic political leaders, teachers and educationists who strived to transform society into a better place to live, former Professor of Philosophy Department of Andhra University G. Sundararamaiah said.

Addressing the gathering at a programme on women in ancient Indian philosophy organised by Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Centre for Women’s Studies, he said the role of a woman was powerful and irreplaceable in terms of leadership during olden days. “Though the percentage of education in those days was limited, there were no domains that were left unattended by a woman. Women used to envisage, conceptualise and excel in the fields of education, politics, music and art. They were experts in a string of art and crafts such as stitching, painting, jewellery designing and pottery,” he said.

The relation between man and a woman continue to be interdependent. Like how reins are used to tame and coax a horse, a woman has the power to support and direct a man into the right path.

Some 5,000 years ago, Draupadi was known for her determination and strength, Gandhari for her conviction and commitment and Kunti for her sacrifice and suppressed pain she had undergone for ages.

The exemplary roles played by these women continue to inspire in transforming many lives, Prof. Sundararamaiah said and added: “These days, women play multiple roles with ease. We must work unanimously to treat them with dignity.”

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