Pig and mosquito menace is rampant in Venkateswara Colony

With attractive bungalows and apartment complexes dotting the entire place, it seems like business as usual for residents of Sri Venkateswara Colony.

Slushy areas

However, a closer look reveals slushy open areas abutting several independent houses.

Apparently, these slushy areas have become a hub for several pigs to visit and convert the place into their permanent dwelling.

Also, many find it tough to keep mosquitoes away, which have become immune to mosquito repellents.


Another nuisance most neighbours face here is the open drainage system.

“Adding to the misery, some of the residents also throw garbage from their windows. Sadly, it has become a habit for those living in apartments. And despite our repeated pleas, the trend still continues,” T. Annapoorna, president of Sri Venkata Padmavathi Mahila Mandal and a colony resident, complains.


On pollution, N. Kalidas, who has been residing in the colony for the last 20 years, says, “The open area gets coated with a layer of fine dust. This dust emanating from Visakha Dairy causes inconvenience as it rests on every open area, apart from the clothes dried out on the terrace.”

Despite improved roads, inundation problem still persists near the entrance of the colony. The condition gets worse during rainy season.

With apartment culture adding vertical expansion to the colony, there is an evident lack of infrastructure support causing imbalance to the colony’s growth.


Free of pollution and cacophony April 8, 2014

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