Plans may change if there is rain: Municipal Commissioner Ramanjaneyulu

With water level in the Yeleru reservoir plummeting, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation is gearing up to start pumping of the water from the reservoir into the canal.

The pumping is required as the water flow by gravity has slowed down. Though the Irrigation Department has been releasing 200 cusecs because of the lower levels it is not flowing into the canal necessitating pumping.

The pumping is likely to begin from the month-end and may not be resorted to if there is some rain resulting in the flow improving, according to Municipal Commissioner B. Ramanjaneyulu.

Yeleru is one of the major sources of water supply to the city and a total of 7 tmc ft of water is drawn from it to cater to industrial and domestic needs.

Asserting that all steps to maintain supply during summer are being taken, the Commissioner said the Vizianagaram District Collector had agreed to release water from Tatipudi reservoir to the filtration wells in the Gosthani river.

Fifty cusecs each will be released every fortnight for the recharging of the wells enabling drawing of water from it. A total of six releases will be made.

The major water resources were being closely monitored so that adequate water supply could be maintained, he said.

Officials say though water supply is more or less the same, coming of more areas under tapped supply has increased demand. The new water scheme that came into operation recently at Gajuwaka has a capacity of 10 mgd. Another at Vadlapudi, on trial run now, requires 3 mgd.

Alternative measures

Mr. Ramanjaneyulu said the city was divided into three zones and the 57 wards in the ‘A' zone would get the usual supply, probably with some minor cut. For 12 wards under ‘B” category the tap supply would be supplemented with that of tankers. Three wards- 55, 56 and 61, are the worst hit falling under ‘C” category requiring supply by tankers. The areas affected are Pedagantyada, Islampeta, Devada, Palavalasa, Desapatrunipalem, Pittavanaipalem, Chaitanyanagar, Srinagar, Offical Colony, China Gantyada, Lankelapalem, E. Marripalem, Pedamadaka, Chinamadaka, Aganampudi, Donkada etc.

Timings would be set for supply by tankers and they would be monitored by habitation-level committees. A total of 548 tanker trips are planned.

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