In a major exercise, VUDA will initiate the process to take back the land fraudulently allotted in 93 cases where assigned land or land given in lieu of the one acquired is involved.

VUDA Board has given its approval on August 5 by order of circulation for the process, Vice-Chairman N. Yuvaraj said on Wednesday.

The 93 cases have been identified by Dr. Yuvaraj’s predecessor Kona Sasidhar in his report to the government on fraudulent allotments in VUDA.

The Madhurwada sub-registrar has been given a list of the plots involved and asked to furnish details of further registration of the properties to find the ownership and whether it has changed hands.

A property owner whose land was acquired for road-widening at Endada has gone to court stating that he did not get any land in lieu of the land acquired while another owner received it. The cases relate to the government lands given by the District Collector to VUDA in which some claimed that their land was involved, or assigned land was cancelled and the lands given to VUDA but still some claiming ownership or in which VUDA staff created benami beneficiaries or giving land in lieu of some allotment made a long time back.

Dr. Yuvaraj said VUDA would follow the due legal process to get back the land.

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