The open-air venue was a hit with the partygoers

Imagine partying by the ocean, a cool November breeze blowing through your hair, your feet sinking into the sand and having one of India’s best DJs play music for you all night long. No, this is not Goa but our own city.

The beach at The Park Hotel was transformed into a party venue with DJ Aqeel mixing songs all night long on Saturday. Vizagites attended in large numbers and danced away to the celebrity DJ’s tunes. A large dance floor had been setup next to the DJ’s console with two huge screens on either side to add a visual experience.

The party was high on energy and the DJ played the latest songs from the Hindi films as well as a few Punjabi songs. There was a huge roar from the crowd when he played the latest Internet phenomenon ‘Gangnam Style’.

The party had a good mix of fashionably dressed youngsters as well as middle aged couples looking to let their hair down.

The open-air venue was a big hit with the partygoers who are used to dancing in crowded nightclubs every weekend.

DJ Aqeel had shot to fame a decade ago with his remixes of old Hindi songs. He also runs a number of luxury nightclubs across India. As a producer he has given the world some of the best remixes. His eight albums have sold over seven million copies worldwide redefining the landscape of Bollywood music.