Damage to roads due to rain estimated at Rs. 8 to 9 crore

Loss to various properties of the Municipal Corporation owing to rain during the last three days has been estimated at around Rs.15 crore of which roads alone account for Rs.8 crore to Rs.9 crore.

A report is being sent to the State government. A total of 108 families, including 66 from Ekalavya colony in the downstream of Meghadrigedda reservoir had been evacuated to kalyanamantapams etc. and since returned to their houses.

Most of the evacuated persons constructed houses encroaching on drains, Municipal Commissioner M. V. Satyanarayana told reporters on Thursday.

Two houses were partially damaged.

Drawing of water has been stopped from the Yeleru canal that breached at Makavarapalem. From Meghadrigedda 1909 cusecs of water is being released maintaining a level of 58.1 ft. Seven breaches occurred to Raiwada canal at five places, including Gottivada, Ummivanipalem, between 1.8 and 2.8 km, at 5 km and action was being taken to plug them.

The Commissioner said the situation had improved at KRM Colony after drainage remedial measures. However, diversion of a drain from the cremation ground nearby and laying of cement roads is planned.

Wall collapse

Mr. Satyanarayana said action would be taken against the Town Planning staff for giving permission for a commercial complex at Old Navarang theatre digging at which led to collapse of the compound wall of Satyanarayana Plaza on Wednesday night. Zone Commissioner R. Somannarayana visited the site at night and assured the residents that there was no danger to the apartment.

The Commissioner, who visited the site in the morning, said action would be taken against those that gave permission for the commercial complex compromising safety.

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