The uruli (large brass bowl) was tastefully arranged with rice, dal, and pulses, navadhanyam, coconut, assorted vegetables, fruits such as mango, jackfruit, pineapple, banana, along with fresh flowers and coins and another brass container was filled with grains and flowers of coconut tree. A traditional kuttuvilaku and an idol of Lord Krishna also form part of vishukani arrangement.

Malayalam new year day, popularly known as Vishu was celebrated with traditional music, Mohinyattam, folk dance, and a slew of cultural performances by the community people of Nair Service Society (NSS) at Kerala Kala Samithi on Sunday.

Hundreds of community people were seen greeting each other, offering prayers, and witnessing ‘vishukani’, which was kept at the venue symbolising fullness, prosperity, and wealth.

On Vishu, everybody would wake up in the wee hours to see ‘vishukani’, general secretary of NSS A.R.G. Unnithan said.

“First, we will see the mirror that reflects gold ornaments, assorted flowers, fresh fruits, vegetables, coins, and currency notes that signify good luck and prosperity,” he added.

The hall was filled with men, women, and children in traditional attires participating cheerfully in a host of events till noon.

“Celebration of Vishu is also combined with the festival of harvest. It is believed that if we see fresh crop, gold and coins on the auspicious day, the entire year continues to be prosperous,” president of NSS Vijay Kumar explained.

The celebration was concluded with a sumptuous spread of traditional delicacies such as erissery, nenthra-pazham pachidi, papad, avial, vazhaka upperi (raw banana curry), kootu, vegetable stew, a range of pickles, and palada pradhaman, among others.

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