A compilation of papers presented on the status of several Public Sector Units

With all the trade unions planning to call for a general strike on February 21 and 22 next year the Centre for Indian Trade Unions (CITU) stepped up its campaign.

Releasing a booklet in Telugu, a compilation of papers presented on the status of several PSUs, CITU former State secretary S Veerayya blasted the UPA-II for its anti-people policies. The CITU has released the booklet to help the workers increase their awareness on the issue and make them fight for their rights and participate in the proposed General Strike.

The UPA-I was cautious about taking decisions that would hit the workers as the Government was dependent on the support of Left parties. In the UPA-II the Government was not dependent on the Left parties it was taking decisions that were detrimental to the workers. It was looking at promotion of multi-nationals and big industrial houses, Veerayya said.

All the trade unions have come together on a common platform to oppose the anti-worker policy of the Government and have called for a General Strike in February next year.

The trade union leaders called on all the workers in the country to create awareness among the workforce on the need to participate in the Strike.

The Government was interested in privatising profit-making PSUs like the Visakhapatman Steel Plant and was steamrolling the decision through Parliament, overruling the objections raised by political parties and the trade unions, the senior union leader said.

CITU city unit president K Venkat Reddy, district CITU president S Ramesh and city secretary Jaggunaidu also participated.

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