They say a city’s flavour lies in its by-lanes. But the same lanes, sometimes, can become an eyesore if basic civic issues are not addressed. Well-laid roads are what every resident desires. A common problem that residents of Buddhavarapu Gardens face is uneven, precariously dug-up, approach roads. “It is particularly alarming when you have patients visiting the area,” said Dr S. Lakshminarayana of Nature Cure Hospital. While civic authorities had sanctioned the project to develop the road in front of the hospital a few months ago, there has been no progress.

The presence of a patch of thatched huts, right at the centre of the locality, is a reflection of the contrasting worlds of society. Here, about 30 families live in small portions of spaces adjoining the tall buildings surrounding it.

Some are construction labourers and vegetable vendors and a few also work in the neighbourhood as domestic helps. Residents say the uneven constructions of these thatched huts and houses have left them with little scope to improve the approach roads to the lanes.

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