Two persons were arrested on the charge of running a fake currency racket and Rs.50 lakh in fake currency was seized at Narsipatnam in Visakhapatnam district on Tuesday. On a tip-off, ASP (Narsipatnam) Vishal Gunni sent a constable as a decoy to the house of the accused in Narsipatnam.

The decoy was offered fake currency by the two miscreants. They said they would charge Rs.50,000 for Rs.1 lakh fake currency.

The decoy was given fake currency worth Rs.50,000 for Rs.5,000 genuine currency and was asked to give Rs.20,000 later.

The two miscreants said that the buyer needs to use chemical on the notes, so that they look like original ones. After taking a recorded statement of the constable, the two accused were taken into custody.Narsipatnam Police said the two accused were identified as A. Nagamalleswari (40) and Syed Baji (26).

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