Accidents are a social problem, says Police Commissioner

Supplementing the efforts of the government and officials, a road safety awareness trust, “Avagaahana” was launched here on Friday. The trust was founded by assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedics, Andhra Medical College, T. Srinivasa Rao.

The trust aims to create awareness on the part of citizens, particularly those driving two-wheelers, to be responsible in driving avoiding trauma to parents/families.

Launching the trust, Police Commissioner B. Shivadhar Reddy described accidents as a social problem. Quoting statistics, he said while on average three murders occurred in the city in a month last year, the number of deaths in road accidents was 30. The widely accepted rule of road that pedestrian was the king of the road was given a go-by showing no concern for them. Let alone rules, road courtesies were not followed putting pedestrians in peril. The maximum number of deaths were of pedestrians crossing the road, he pointed out. Similarly, helmet was not worn giving some silly excuses.

Mr.Shivadhar Reddy regretted that not many were aware of even the basic rules of traffic like signals for overtaking and lane discipline was hardly followed.

The Commissioner said the Police Department would organise traffic safety awareness week on a big scale from January 18 as several schools and colleges were closed now. It will be called “Arrive-alive campaign.” Principal of Andhra Medical College N. Kalpana Subrahmanyam who launched the website said bad road conditions and students tendency to drive fast and uneducated taxi and auto drivers getting licences were contributing to accidents.

Director of Centre for Policy Studies A. Prasanna Kumar who presided said arrogance of drivers and ignorance of traffic rules were leading to accidents.

According to WHO, every day 3,500 deaths were occurring in accidents and 150 of them were youth. He stressed the need for involving school children in traffic management under the guidance of police. Deputy Transport Commissioner Md. Saleem pointed out that road safety laws were the same in all countries and only their implementation differed. Parents or family members should instil a sense of responsibility by insisting on wearing helmet or not using cell phone while driving. Dr. Srinivasa Rao said his seeing the trauma of accident victims and their relatives made him form the trust. He wanted volunteers to register on so that more schools and colleges could be covered in the campaign. The sacrifice and love of parents should be a constant reminder to youth to drive safe so that they could stand by them in their sunset days. Trust secretary C.V. Krishna Bhanu participated.

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