Intra-arterial clot leads to acute heart attack and treating options are made easy with the introduction of new equipment MGuard Stent.

A PowerPoint presentation was given on how the new equipment works on treating patients without damaging other heart muscles, at the Apollo Hospital here on Wednesday. Consultant interventional cardiologist D.K. Baruah explained about the advantages of the new technology and shared insights on how angioplasty should be done within the stipulated time, various treatment options available in treating acute heart attacks and latest tools in removing the clots.

“From the time the patient enters the hospital, the surgery should be done within 90 minutes of time. Otherwise the heart muscle can get damaged. The new device has a wired mesh with a metallic stent to trap clots and prevent distal embolisation. It also aids in completing the surgery more efficiently in less time,” he said.

In most cases, more than 50 per cent of the patients die before reaching the hospital. Quick re-establishment of blood flow is required to prevent damage of the heart muscle. With conventional stents, the treatment can be done in a more efficient manner, he mentioned.

Cardiologist N.K. Panigrahy, cardiac surgeon P.V. Naresh Kumar, general administrator of Apollo Hospitals V. Srinivas and others were present.