The continual rain during the past three days with intermittent downpour as a result of a low pressure in the Bay of Bengal resulted in inundation of low-lying areas and slippage of soil in some colonies located on the hill slopes.

Many of the main roads in the city were under a sheet of water and a wall collapsed partially at Venkojiipalem. The families living on hill slopes shifted to safer places as the soil underneath started falling off due to the continual wet spell.

The low-lying areas in Pendurthy were inundated as streams and tanks overflowed with rain water. The residents of Ekalavya Colony were shifted to a Kalyana Mandapam building for safety.

Branches of tress fell across the roads at some places. Children going to schools and office-goers had a tough time. Petty vendors and hawkers lost their livelihood due to the rain.

Thankfully, none of the flights were cancelled on Wednesday.

Trains were, however, said to be running with reduced speed due to accumulation of water on the track at Atchutapuram in the district. Konark, Puri-Tirupati, and Coromandel trains running late due to water floating on the tracks at Itchapuram, according to railway officials.

Strong surface winds from north easterly direction with speed reaching 50 to 60 km/ph are likely along and off coastal AP till Thursday evening under the influence of the well marked low pressure area, according to the Cyclone Warning Centre here.

Fishermen have been advised not to venture into the sea.


Rain damage estimated at Rs.25.7 crore in cityOctober 26, 2013

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