The play is part of the 15-day theatre workshop organised by The Launch Pad.

The solution to human suffering lies within us. One can find real peace in life by training the thoughts and controlling them, accepting the truth, and following the path of ‘Nirvana’.

This was the essence of the one-hour-long theatre performance staged by a group of 30 participants who portrayed ‘The legend of Buddha’ with poise and serenity.

With teaching human values as its focus, The Launch Pad trainers — Sangitaa Sehgall and Shyla Kurma — hosted the 15-day extensive theatre workshop this summer. The play on ‘Life of Buddha’ was part of the theatre workshop.

With their costumes adding charm to the evening mood, the show personified teamwork and coordination between the scenes.

“Once the purpose of our life is discovered, our thoughts can be trained accordingly. Everyone has the potential to get enlightened. Unfortunately, they get trapped in ‘Maya’, which clouds our wisdom,” a team of children said at the show.

The hall was packed with enthusiastic parents who cheered their wards and captured their action on their mobile phones, tabs, and cameras. The annual workshop was instrumental in instilling human values among the little ones, who were able to express their thoughts confidently apart from understanding the lifestyle of Gautama Buddha. In the end, certificates were given away to the participants.

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