With hectic activity taking place in Delhi during the last few days to bring an end to the ‘Sakala Janula Samme' in Telangana, it is time for the people of north coastal Andhra area to protect their interests, said the Uttarandhra Adhyayana Vedika on Monday.

While the government and the political parties might be trying to find some kind of understanding to end the strike, the people of Uttarandhra, who are the most neglected and politically docile lot, needed to give a thought to what kind of benefits they would get in a united AP or a truncated State, honorary chairman of the Vedika and UPSC Member K.S. Chalam and president Paluri Seshumamba said in a statement.

Backward area

Except Visakhapatnam city the rest of the region remained backward and even during the present agitation very little was said about the backwardness of Uttarandhra and the exploitation it was subjected to, said Prof. Chalam. The region lacked leaders of stature and issues like exploitation of minerals, water, land and other resources and contemporary problems were raised in Hyderabad and Delhi, he regretted.

“We are taken for granted as we have been emotionally attached to the idea of a unified AP but geographically and culturally separated from others since a long time. It is time we realise the impending danger to us in case of bifurcation of the State since the past experience tells us that the politically strong and advanced districts will take away the benefits and we remain backward. Therefore it is time for us to think about our share in water, natural resources, political participation,” Prof. Chalam said.

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