The menu is basically inspired by gastronomic delights of Polynesian islands

From interior cuisines of Hawaii to American Samoa, Cook Islands to Easter Island, ‘Tikki Tooka’ fest has a lot of seafood in store for the connoisseurs.

The menu is basically inspired by the Polynesian islands which has generous quantity of fish and fruits for the foodies. The innovative starters comprise dali dali, puchaa, rumaki, coconut soup which has stuffed crab, mushrooms with chicken and lot of shrimp. The cuisine consists of kona fish curry, chicken maui, pipi ding ho made of beef and much more for the non-vegetarian lovers. The gourmands can relish the food with interesting blend of unusual spices and herbs.

Tahiti, soyo, lao mau, taro fugi and other dishes made out of garden fresh vegetables form part of the platter. The delicacies will be influenced by traditional Hawaiian and authentic Polynesian flavours. The focus is to provide a unique dining experience for the seafood lovers, explained CEO of Four Points by Sheraton Arif Mohammed. “The spread includes exotic fruits, meats and seafood prepared incorporating rare herbs and spices, offering a distinct dining experience altogether,” he said.

The fest is on at Panash restaurant till October 14 for dinner.