The Hindu in association with FIITJEE conducts awareness meet on science and technology

Science is a systematic study of things around us while technology is the application of knowledge. Following textbooks alone will not add any glory to one’s academic growth. Understanding the fundamental concepts, knowing your goals early in life and working towards them help students gain an edge in the competitive world, said centre head of FIITJEE Gurunadh at an awareness programme on science and technology as career options here on Monday.

“Though many young aspirants are opting for technology as their mainstream, the need to pick up science as career is also equally important. Listen to your conscience and know what you want rather than getting influenced by what others want you to be,” he said.

Highlighting the concept of education, he said one should expand their horizons by improving IQ level and learning beyond textbooks.

NSTL scientist G.V. Krishna Kumar spoke on the top 10 discoveries of scientists such as Isaac Newton, Alexander Fleming, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein, Robert Hooke, S.N. Bose, Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, Gregor Johann Mendel, Charles Robert Darwin and Nicolaus Copernicus and their influence n mankind in comparison to the discoveries made by Tipu Sultan, Aryabhatta, Srinivasa Ramanujan and many others centuries before. “It is time to think creatively and work on innovative ideas for a better future,” he said.Close to 400 students of Class IX and X from Siva Sivani Public School, Sri Krishna Vidya Mandir, and Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar participated in the awareness programme organised by The Hindu in association with FIITJEE at Visakhapatnam Public Library.

The students interacted with the expert trainers on subjects related to identification of recognised universities, charting out a preparation plan for entrance tests and pursuing genetics and other disciplines as a core subject.

Experts also explained about the importance of scoring well in entrance examinations like KVPY, NSTE, SAT, NEST, BITSAT and IISER. Expert trainers Ramakanth Reddy and Subba Rao, senior deputy regional manager of The Hindu A. Seshagiri Rao and others were present.

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