It is cooked for 10-12 hours to achieve perfect consistency

The month of Ramzaan brings with it an opportunity for non-vegetarians in the city to relish the lip-smacking haleem.

The calorie-rich but highly nutritious haleem is traditionally made using mutton. Of late, haleem made with chicken is also in demand.

With ‘Hyderabadi Haleem’ finding many takers, several Hyderabadi hoteliers have evinced interest to dish out the tasty delicacy in various parts of the city. It is prepared with mutton or chicken after continuous stirring in large cauldrons with a long wooden pole oriented in the direction of Makkah. It is stirred for 10 to 12 hours so as to make it a paste-like dish by blending rich flavours from various spices.

Wheat, ghee, mint and coriander leaves, ginger, pepper, lemon juice, and cashew are added so as to make it a special dish during the fasting month of Ramzaan. It is relished by Muslims to break their fast in the evening.

However, due to its rising popularity, foodies from all communities savour it at various hotels. The demand for take away counters is also on the rise.

Md. Khaja Pasha, who owns a hotel at Bee Bazar Chourasta in Hyderabad decided to start selling haleem in the city after falling in love with the city’s beauty during his visit as a tourist to Visakhapatnam last month. “A month later, I have started cooking and selling mutton haleem at Silver Spoon restaurant on Beach Road. One bowl of mutton haleem costs Rs.100. The response so far is quite encouraging,” says Pasha.

The popularity is growing at such a pace that the Grand Hyderabad Bawarchi has started selling it in an innovative way near Jagadamba junction by introducing mini haleem as well as the regular one. Both chicken and mutton are being sold for consumption at the special counter as well as for take away.


“There is equal demand for mutton and chicken haleem. We are overwhelmed with the response,” said Sadiq Pasha and Chand Khan, who are the managing partners of the restaurant.

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