Dharna staged at Visakhapatnam Collectorate highlighting plight of displaced persons

The TDP, led by former minister Ch. Ayyanna Patrudu and district organising secretary Kona Tata Rao, staged a dharna at the Collector’s office on Friday to highlight the plight of displaced persons (DPs) who have been allotted land but are not enjoying full rights over them. The persons were displaced when land was acquired for the steel plant.

A total 16,850 DPs have been given land and 6,700 jobs too. With a number of conditions laid down while being given the land the plight of those solely dependent on the sites was worse as they can not sell the land for any emergency like hospitalisation or meet expenses for marriage or education of children, Mr. Patrudu and Mr. Tata Rao said while addressing the dharna.

Besides, the steel plant authorities also imposed another rule that a genuineness certificate must be obtained before selling the land, Mr. Tata Rao said. When the land was given as an award of compensation and not for weaker sections where was the need for seeking permission from the plant authorities or the RDO, he asked. No registration of the sites was being taken up by the Registration Department, he said.

Revenue authorities clarified that the house sites given to project displaced persons were under relief and rehabilitation package and the sections applicable to weaker sections and landless poor would not apply to them.

Modifications sought

The TDP leaders demanded that suitable instructions be given to the Registration officials and new pattas with suitable modifications be issued to the DPs.

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