Dumper-bins to be numbered by using Google Maps and linked to GIS

In its efforts to improve sanitation, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation will use the Internet.

Commissioner B. Ramanjaneyulu who returned from a meeting at New Delhi, said dumper-bins would be numbered by using Google Maps and linked to GIS. A control cell will be set up with specific software. Cell phones with the chip containing the software will be given to sanitary inspectors who will take pictures to be sent to a central server. Besides, relaying the position of the bin, whether it was full, half full, the number of trips made to shift the bins will also be known.

The Commissioner said it was proposed to introduce biometric system for workers and link it to the system.

The same technology will also be extended to Town Planning wing so that photos for buildings at various stages of construction could be taken.

Bills disbursed

Keeping their promise, Mayor Pulusu Janardhana Rao and the Commissioner gave away cheques for Rs.14.29 crore for about 1,000 pending bills to small contractors on Thursday.

Reservoir opened

Mr. Janardhana Rao and MLA Malla Vijay Prasad inaugurated a 300 KL reservoir at Krantinagar in Division 49.

The reservoir, constructed at a cost of Rs.91 lakh, benefits 5,200 people living at Krantinagar 1 and 2 and Chintalalova. Corporator and Project Committee Chairman Dadi Satyanaryana participated.

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