‘He is making a mockery of institution of Speaker’

Digvijay Singh of the Congress is overreaching himself by deciding when the Business Advisory Committee of the Legislative Assembly has to be held, former minister and Telugu Desam Party leader Bandaru Satyanarayana said.

The calling of the BAC and deciding the agenda of the House is the prerogative of the Speaker and in fact even the courts cannot direct the Speaker, he told the media here on Saturday. Digvijay Singh, by arrogating the power, is mocking the institution of the Speaker of the Legislature, he said. Digvijay Singh appears to be dictating how the Secretariat should function and what decision the Governor should take, he said.

Taking umbrage at Digvijay Singh’s comments, he said that the people of the State should not allow him to step on the soil for having insulted the sentiments of the people. Referring to Digvijay Singh’s proposed visit to the city, he said that he would mobilise people from all sections, cutting across political affiliations to oppose it.

‘No entry’

“We would not allow him to step into the city. We will block all the routes into the city. He cannot insult the Telugu people and get away with it,” the senior Telugu Desam leader said.

“I am ready to do anything to ensure that Digvijay gets a hostile welcome and is turned back right from the airport, it does not matter whether he is coming for an official or a private visit,” he added.

He came down heavily on the Congress ministers from the State for stooping to actually host a dinner for Digvijay Singh especially after he insulted the Telugu people and was pushing for the bifurcation of the State in the face of stiff opposition from a majority of the people.