Unemployment, high pollution levels, unaffordable rents and a host of civic issues top the list of problems of the residents of Pedagantyada. Those residing in the colony as tenants lament that they end up paying high rents. “The minimum rent here varies anywhere between Rs.2,000 and Rs.5,000 whereas our income does not exceed Rs.8,000 per month making it difficult to manage,” says A. Nooka Ratnam, who works in a manufacturing unit.

No wonder, most women in the colony don multiple roles to support their families. One of the suggestions they give is the creation of better employment opportunities. “Most of our problems can be solved to a large extent if we focus on sustainable livelihood. Here, most men are unemployed and women are left with no option but to step out in search of petty jobs,” says Uma Maheswari, a colony resident.

Since the colony is situated amidst the industrial belt, the residents have to cope with pollution. “Here, it is difficult to maintain white-coloured clothes even for a couple of hours. Our constant exposure to pollution takes a toll on our clothes,” says T. Devan Reddy, who has been residing in the locality for the past two decades. Some of the residents feel that there is hardly any entertainment zone in the neighbourhood.

A park will not only serve the purpose but also helps in bringing down the pollution content.

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