Tributes were paid by the Yuva Sahithi Sravanthi to the poet — popular know as Sri Sri — on his 30th death anniversary at the Visakha Public Library on Sunday.

Revolutionary poet Srirangam Srinivasarao’s, popular know as Sri Sri, influence on society and on the man on the street through the mass media of cinema and literary works was discussed on the occasion of his death anniversary observed at the Visakha Public Library here on Sunday by Yuva Sahithi Sravanthi.

Noted poet Hima Jwala from Mahabubnagar described the city as a place where great poets and writers were born and evolved including legendary poet Sri Sri. His literary works were lively because they reflected the realities and conditions of the day pertaining to the poor, the working class and the oppressed. He did not write poetry to promote the art in him but used it as a medium to focus on societal problems particularly the toiling poor for survival. This made him a revolutionary poet and tallest of all. He never made adjustments or compromises but always revolted against things and issues which made him uncomfortable. He also revolted against outdated beliefs, systems, philosophies and social moorings which did not help the contemporary people of the day. He also questioned all values which were seen as impediments to progress.

Hima Jwala stated that Sri Sri believed that attaining independence meant Socialism and if the later element is missing, independence did not have any value.

Prof.Bobby Vardhan of AU Journalism Department while describing Sri Sri as a great journalist regretted that the media companies of today were only making money selling the revolutionary letter leaving the spirit behind it.

Research topic

The government should include Sri Sri in the school textbooks and make him as a topic of research. The great poet influenced the masses through the medium of cinema and song. Even a sulking soul is revived by his revolutionary songs. Dr. K.G.Venu, poet and author in his presidential address said that the greatness in the poet was his humility in admitting mistakes. His language inspired people. He celebrated life and those who heard him would never take the extreme step in life. Poet S.Govindarajulu and Yuva Sahithi Sravanthi convenor P.Rajesh Kumar also spoke.

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