‘Students can learn a lot from studying the fundamentals of choreography, themes and music'

The Intangible Cultural Heritage division of Indian National Trust for Art and Culture and Heritage (INTACH) has asked the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication (SNSAC) of the University of Hyderabad (UoH) to include 10 documented forms of local performing arts of Srikakulam district in its curriculum and play a key role in rescuing and reviving them.

The Srikakulam chapter of INTACH has documented Toorpu Bhagavatam, Bhamakalapam, Tappetagullu, Yerukala pata, Jamuku pata, Chekkabhajana (Sundarakanda story), Pandaribhajana (song and dance on stories of Sri Krishna), Gurram (song on horse), Udupula Patalu, Pandiripata and Chenchu Bhagotam.

Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Kamalini Sengupta says it is astonishing that all these 10 forms came from one district alone.

Cultural depth

The purity and cultural depth of the forms and the invaluable documentation on film and in writing that has been achieved under the direction of INTACH Srikakulam convener Dusi Dharma Rao with such well produced material is more than commendable.

In a letter to Anuradha Jonnalagadda, Head of the Department of Dance, of SNSAC, she said the students would be able to access the vibrant forms through live renditions as they were still being practised by local communities with enthusiasm and skill.

The students can learn a lot from studying the fundamentals of the choreography, rhythm, themes and music, she suggested. The range of indigenous instruments and costumes can also provide the basis for valuable study, Ms. Sengupta adds.


Stating that as a powerful institution, the UoH can work out projects for the art forms' dissemination and some livelihood for stakeholders by the study and at cultural fora in the other parts of Andhra Pradesh and the rest of the country.

Ms. Sengupta also offered to research other areas of Andhra Pradesh through its conveners.

District Collector N. Srikant lauded the INTACH members and the artistes for getting recognition at national level for the performing arts.

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