It was extremely surprising to see children of Class I to spell the words like admission, rhyme, slipper, gymnastics, cabbage, address, harmony and cheerful in a split second.

Communication skills have caught the attention of the youth as never before. For those who want to hone their English skills, sky is the limit. These days, the zeal to learn starts at the age of five. One of the training that helps the children beam with confidence is spelling bee. The training not only helps the children correct the spelling but also teaches them how to identify and label a picture, construct the sentences and work on the right phonetics.

Though the spell bee concept is new to the city, it is catching up among the children who wish to pick up the language at a tender age, said one of the co-ordinators of spell bee Irene Christabell Oommen. “To be successful in life, one should have good communication skills. Children are no exception to the rule. They can score well in their academics, only if they understand the language and respond accordingly,” she explained.

Last year, the spell bee training has pulled in 2,500 children on board and this year it has risen to 4,000. The course has become the most sought after among those where both the parents are working. They feel that it helps the children inculcate the competitive spirit and be more independent where language is concerned. Speaking about her child, A. Preethi said: “My son loves to pick up catchy words and try to find their meanings. He is in Class II but he knows how to browse the dictionary.”

“One can also learn phonetics depending on the child’s age. You don’t have to spend much time making them understand how to pronounce, they just pick it up along with the training,” said Madhulika Barrow, a doctor.

The urge to pick up the perfect language has broadened among the children as well as the parents. Spell bee offers an arena for the children to showcase one’s communication skill at school, interschool, State and national level and is open for the students of Class I to XII. During the course, parents are also allowed to stay with the children so that they can train the same way at home. Further details on the training can be had on 9160462780.

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