Children were at their answering best at the spell bee contest. Some took a few seconds while others responded instantaneously.

Close to 51 students from Class I to XII participated in Wiz National Spell Bee competition at national pre-final level held at Satya Sai Vidya Vihar (SSVV) here on Saturday.

The four-level competition will be conducted at school, interschool, State and national level. Under pre-final contest, the competition was split into six categories.

Apart from Satya Sai Vidya Vihar, students from P.E.N. School, Pereira English Noble School (PENS), De Paul School, Navy Children School (NCS), Kendriya Vidyalaya and other schools participated in the contest.

The winners of national pre-final level include 28 students in six categories. Category 1: K. Keertan and A. Abhinand from SSVV, Rohit Kumar Dalai, Abhinav Keerthan and Raj Nandani from NCS. Category 2: Richard Madaiya, Akansha Ajay Zadoo, Md Shahid Jamal NCS, V. Anu and E.G. Sumedha from SSVV. Category 3: T. Gayatri and J.V. Sai Kasyap from SSVV, J. Jayarani Lenin and Sakshi Sharan from NCS and Grace J Barrow from ETASI Timpany School. Category 4: Abhinav Samavedula from Oakridge International School (OIS), N. Bhaisaly Devi from Kendriya Vidyalaya Sri Vijay Nagar (KV SVN), C. Vanshika from SSVV, Shrila Sinha and Aayush Singh from NCS. Category 5: P. Sai Kirti from KV SVN, Gautam Thakur, Shrivas Chaterji, Kedar Pant and Kaustubh Pant from NCS. Category six: Shanti Rayudu from OIS, G.V.S. Lokesh from PENS and K. Suraj Ganesh from Navy Children School.

The national mega final round will be conducted in Kolkata on December 23. Highlighting the objective of the competition, co-ordinator of English Wizard Foundation Irene Christabell Oommen said: “The focus is to improve the language skills at school level.

These days, you are recognised for your communication skill. Be it at school or at work, or even with friends, you are being perceived by the way you communicate.”

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