As the evening begins, life in the township revolves around delicious eateries spread all over the main junctions of the township having a population of nearly a lakh. As hundreds of residents motor their way to their cozy homes in the township in the evening, enticing aroma of mouth watering dishes and snacks from the fast food centres, eatery hang-outs, noodles points and ice-cream parlours fill the air.

The most famous eat-out is the MVP colony junction, the heart of the township which bustles with activity. Traditional dishes like idli, dosa and hot chutneys are sold like hot cakes.

The frying pans right from the evening are on a roasting spree of hot paper dosas amidst the steam.

Snack centres are in great demand. Set up on push carts they appear from nowhere and disappear with the same speed as darkness deepens. The biryani points, noodle carts and the South Indian snacks make the evening bright and beautiful with people coming as a family to enjoy the eateries or to carry parcels home. Asray, Delicacies, Fringe, Filler and Brindawans are some of the eating points in great demand besides Deepak Dhaba and Arun’s Paradise.

Aruna, an IT company employee says that evening life is enjoyable.

The array of foods and eateries available is something that is enjoyable. Be it the traditional tiffin or fast food at Brindawans there is something for everyone to relish. The eateries provide us a unique opportunity to socialise and refresh oneself after a day’s work.

The sight of youth and students all over with head phones enjoying music and hanging around eat-outs is a common sight. Evening walkers also enjoy their stroll and stop at some restaurant or the other to complete their day.

Naresh says that the thing that he enjoys most is the vibrancy of the townshio in the evening.

The traditional dosas and chutneys and irresistible. Another point where the affluent class visit is the Coffee Café.

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