Non-Political JAC chairman V. Balamohandas feels that protest should not be in bad taste

Samaikyandhra protests that have begun more than a month ago do not seem to be abating. On the other hand, they are intensifying with each passing with every section of society taking the plunge. It must be said to the credit of agitators that they have all along been peaceful in their approach.

But some of the protests are taking a bizarre turn. For instance, the TDP took up a “cannibal protest.” It’s somewhat puzzling that a political party should take up protests that offend senses and mislead the superstitious and ignorant.

The other day an anonymous poster had appeared that linked the YSR Congress and the TDP leaders enraging both the parties. Protests should attract attention and provoke thought but not fuel adversity.

When the TDP played a tug-of-war running a rope through Sonia Gandhi Congressmen who were staging their protest nearby took objection.

YSRC leader Dadi Veerabhadra Rao tried to put some sense into agitators calling for not violating decency while organising protests.

Chairman of Non-Political JAC and former Vice-Chancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna University V. Balamohandas feels that protests should not be in bad taste.

They should be constitutional, legal and peaceful without disturbing or inconveniencing anyone. It should not be for media attention or getting pictures in the Press but to see to it that the underlying message reaches people, he says.

“On our part we have written letters (on the bifurcation issue) to the President, the Prime Minister, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi,” he said.

With several groups and sections pitching into the agitation, there has been no leadership.

“There will be no organised leadership and such things are common phenomena,” says veteran trade union leader V.V. Rama Rao who has seen the Telangana, Jai Andhra and several trade union movements.

Protests should be democratic but leaders are desperately vying for drawing attention instead of democratically strengthening the cause, he adds.


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