Over the years, Srinagar near Rama Talkies road has been changed into a busy commercial spot. And this trend drives the colony residents to leave the place in search of better options.

With the neighbourhood being dominated by the presence of several outlets, there is not a moment that the locality rests for a while. Here, it is difficult to find an apartment complex without commercial outlets attached to it.

“Our apartment is just opposite a private travel agency. The clients who drop in there tend to park their vehicles right in front of the entrance of the apartment block. Every time when we want to take our vehicle out of the parking lot, the task gets tough. This is one of the persistent problems we have to deal with,” rues S. Ravinder, a marine engineer who has been residing in Srinagar for the last 30 years.

The local people share similar experience and say that they are not able to find a solution to the problem. “Firstly, most of the houses here are built without any parking space. Unfortunately, those having the facility cannot utilise it because of the other commuters parking the vehicles in front of our houses. This is the prime concern that pushed us to move out of the locality recently,” says B. Ram Prasad, a marine engineer.

In addition to the parking woes, several women complain of the existence of bar-cum-restaurant in the residential area. For most of them, it is a horrid experience to pass through the lane in the evenings.

While dustbins in the area are often over dumped, the open drains remain clogged and crave for better attention.

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