Economic system, not mere creation of new states, is key to progress: union convenor

The capitalist system has failed to find a solution to the economic ills faced as is evident from the crises that hit the US and Europe and socialism is the only way out, all-India convener of All-India Federation of Trade Unions (New) Arvind Sinha has said.

Addressing all-India workers and rythu coolie sammelan organised by All-India Khet Mazdoor Kisan Sabha at Ambedkar Bhavan here on Sunday, he said AIFTU would build democratic movements to prepare people for it and work together with such forces. Mr. Sinha while making it clear that he was not opposing the demand for Telangana cited the example of Jharkhand. When it was carved out of Bihar AIFTU had supported it. But after the new State was formed its people and resources were being exploited. Now, the division of Uttar Pradesh was also mooted.

He asserted that development would not materialise if merely new States were formed but the economic system had to change. Mr. Sinha expressed said the wealth and resources of the nation were coming under the stranglehold of imperialist and bourgeois forces while farmers and workers were being pushed into utter poverty.

‘A failure'

AIFTU all-India leader Gurram Vijay Kumar said land reforms had failed to give land to the poor and the country's dependence on foreign technology for development led to poor research and development and flight of wealth to foreign companies and their total control.

The trickle-down of the reform process as promised by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had not materialised but corporate wealth was growing.

Farmers and workers should come together for productivity that was needed for the country and fight oppression.

APFTU State president C. Peddanna cited the working hours and dispensability of workers increasing and equal wages still being denied to women as reflecting the state of workers.