A six-member gang of dacoits, aged between 20 and 22 years, was caught by the City Police within hours after they gained entry into a house and robbed a couple of their gold, silver ornaments and cash, all valued at Rs.6 lakh.

Ravada Seshagiri Rao (59), a retired RTC employee, stays with his wife Vasu Sree (53), an assistant manager in VSP, at Samatha Nagar at Desapatrunipalem in the city.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the six accused went to the house of Seshagiri Rao and knocked on his door. When he opened the door, they attacked and injured the couple with sticks and tied their legs and gagged them. They took away gold ornaments, weighing 500 gm, silver articles and cash from the wardrobes and the ornaments on their person, all worth Rs.6 lakh and fled with the booty.

Rings up kin

Seshagiri Rao managed to phone his relatives and colony elders, who informed the police by dialling ‘100’. On the information transmitted from ‘Dial 100’, the Parawada SI Ramachander Rao, who was on night rounds duty, directed the beat constable Balaram and Home Guards Raju and Ramana to the scene of offence.

The SI also alerted all the officers on night rounds. The ACP (South) K.V. Ramana, who was the night rounds supervising officer’ organised vehicle checking and deployed search parties. During vehicle checking at 3:45 a.m. near NTPC (early hours of Thursday), four culprits were nabbed by the Parawada SI and his team and 350 gm gold ornaments were seized from their possession. The accused were identified as Surada Mahesh (20), Mylapalli Rajayya (22) and Muttu Appanna (20) of Appikonda village and Chintakayala Sivaji (21) of Mutyalammapalem village.

Four youths of Desapatrunipalem village – P. Appa Rao, S. Prakash, S. Mohan and L. Neelakantam – noticed two motorcycles parked in front of a house under suspicious circumstances. They suspected something to be wrong and informed the local police about it. The ACP (South) and Parawada Inspector P. Ramana rushed to the spot and recovered 150 gm of gold ornaments.

The duo was identified as Duda Siva and Karri Dhanaraju, both aged 22 years and residents of Gangavaram.

Police Commissioner K. Shivadhar Reddy appreciated the presence of mind of the village youths for their proactive role which led to the arrest of the accused and the good work done by his men.

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