With the election round the corner, and candidates busy wooing voters, it is time for the people to place their demands. And the community of Sisatakaranam is not lagging behind.

At a press meet addressed by Visakhapatnam District Sistakaranam Association (VDSA) president S.N.K. Mahanti here on Thursday, the community members demanded that they be included in the OBC category.

“There are about 1.5 lakh voters from our community registered under 25 associations across the district and we will vote for that party which promises to include us in the OBC list,” said Mr. Mahanti.

Right now the Sistakaranams are listed under the BC-D list. “Once listed under OBC we will enjoy the privilege of reservation in all central institutes and Central government jobs,” said association general secretary G.G. Prabhakar Das.

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