Thousands gathered along the route that passed from the temple to the fort to witness the ‘Sirimanotsavam' of Sri Pydithalli Ammavaru on Tuesday evening. The utsav was delayed due to some technical problem that occurred while carting the ceremonial pole from the house of chief priest Tallapudi Bhaskara Rao from Hukumpeta to the temple.

People stood behind barricades, on roof tops and other vantage points for a clear view of the Sirimanu —over 50-foot-long pole mounted on a cart and drawn by devotees.

As it was set in motion at around 4.45pm, people threw bananas with devotion as they believed that the chief priest who was perched on top of it is believed to be representing the goddess on this day. Anjali Ratham and Paladhaara (fishermen's net) moved in toe. It made the three ceremonial trips from the temple to the fort and back.

Municipal workers deployed in good numbers cleared the bananas from being trampled by the devotees. Deputy inspector-General of Police (Visakha Range) Sowmya Misra and Superintendent of Police Navin Gulati supervised the event. At Ambati Satram side police used mild force to control surging crowds.

In the morning, Minister for Transport Botcha Satyanarayana along with his wife and MP Botcha Jhansi Lakshmi, the hereditary trustee of the temple and MLA P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju, his wife Sunila Gajapathi and DCC president K.V. Swamy and other dignitaries offered prayers to the goddess. They were received with temple honours by Executive Officer of the temple V. Syamala Devi. Apart from them, thousands of devotees stood in queue from early hours to pay obeisance to Sri Pydimamba.

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Sirimanotsavam witnesses massive turnoutOctober 8, 2014

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