There are some simple, alternative fire safety systems that can minimise the damage due to fire mishaps, and they are comparatively inexpensive, according to fire safety experts, who participated in a seminar, organised by Tristar fire safety systems, here on Saturday.

The prohibitive cost of fire safety systems is come in the way of implementation of the safety devices in high rise buildings, according to B. Madhu of Tristar, which has made an analysis of the multi-storeyed buildings in the city. The building regulations were made long ago and asking building owners to comply with those rules without taking the ground realities into consideration may be impractical.

“A study of the cinema theatres in the city has revealed that each theatre would have to spend between Rs.30 to Rs.50 lakhs for implementation of the fire safety regulations. These include small pumps and tanks, instead of the mandatory large ones that can save costs,” he told the media on the sidelines of the seminar.

He called for greater awareness on fire safety among residents of multi-storeyed apartments. Tristar would organise training classes for residents this year free of cost.

“Accident analysis, preventive and corrective action will go a long way in minimising the loss to life and property in fire accidents. The incidence of fires at Diwali cracker shops has come down drastically during the last few years,” said G.N. Venkata Siva Subramaniam, a consultant to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and also to Tristar.


Many buildings in city prone to fireJune 20, 2013