Former Governor and former Union Minister P. Shiv Shankar has regretted that feeling of separation among Andhra and Telangana people.

Addressing a gathering here on Tuesday evening, he bemoaned lack of development in the Telangana region in spite of four Chief Ministers from the region serving the State.

Now both TDP and Congress were silent about that, he added. Instead of separation one should think about how injustice was being done. Even when M. Channa Reddy launched Telangana Praja Samithi in 1969 he was advised against it, he recalled.

He deplored lack of moral values among leaders who were only interested in making money.

Earlier, Mr. Shiv Shankar, on a private visit to the city, and his wife Lakshmibai were felicitated.

Director-General of Prema Hospital S.V. Adinarayana said he stood by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and represented her before the Shah Commission that went into the excesses of Emergency.

Retired professor of Andhra University Chandu Subba Rao recalled the critical period during which he advised Indira Gandhi on legal issues. Former MP K. Appala Swamy said as Union Minister he was instrumental in releasing funds for several public sector units in and around Visakhapatnam.

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