The beaches of Visakhapatnam are its unique attraction. The residents, of course, are its eternal fans. Any event is hosted on the Beach Road. Tourists to the city are bowled over by the breath-taking view of the sea stretching up to the horizon.

For those coming from other parts of the State, the beach and the sea are always fascinating sights.

But precious little is done to keep the beach clean. Ramakrisnha Beach is the nearest to the city and hence visitors and tourists flock there. But the garbage that is brought on the beach from a drain near the Scandal Point is an ugly sight. So is the case at other places where drains were let off into the sea.

To regular visitors to the beach, it's a sight that repeats itself several times. For tourists, however, it will be a shock to see garbage and untreated water flowing onto the beach.

After enjoying their walk on the beach, they are forced to walk through the dirty course of the drain to go back. At night, it is worse with the prospect of walking through it unaware of its condition.

Joggers find that there is no clean, uninterrupted stretch for them on the beach.

That apart, with three star hotels close to Ramakrishna Beach could the city afford to present such a sorry picture to the high-end visitors? There also can't be two opinions that taxpayers who go for a pleasant stroll on the beach do not deserve such a sore sight.

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