The online payment of civic taxes launched by GVMC after a long wait has run into problems. Those who have utilised it during the few days it functioned are now a worried lot with the status still showing as tax due.

The online payment was launched on December 29 fulfilling a long-felt need to enable tax-payers to pay taxes online. GVMC not introducing online payment had attracted criticism from people used to transactions and travel bookings online.


After the online payment system worked for about a week, it was not available.

AP Technology Services has conducted an IT audit of the payment system. It came to the conclusion that the security of the system is not adequate. Besides, the servers should be upgraded.

Municipal Commissioner M. V. Satyanarayana said it’s customary for APTS to conduct an IT audit after the system worked on trial basis for a week.

The agency running the online payment system has been asked to comply with the two recommendations of the audit.

“Once it’s completed, it will be available again. Hopefully, it will be in full-fledged working mode within a week,” he said on Monday.

As many as 500 to 600 transactions have been done online paying up to Rs.17 lakh towards civic taxes.

Though the amounts have been debited from their accounts and credited to GVMC, the tax due status has not changed.

This anomaly will be rectified once the upgrades required by the audit are met and the tax status will reflect the payment, the Commissioner assures those who made the payment.

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