The Sankar Mutt road has always been a nightmare to motorists. For years now, it is testing the patience of citizens. For a long time now, phases of underground drainage work are taken up on it. For a long time it had been potholed so badly after some underground drainage work that some who used as an alternative to Dwarakanagar main road stopped doing so. Not that the Dwarakanagar road is any better.

The patch opposite Sankar Mutt and the adjacent road leading to BVK College are often leading to mishaps. The restoration was so badly done that one notices it only after coming very close to it. As a result, some of the two-wheeler drivers were losing balance. The other day a mini-truck got bogged down. Schoolchildren bicycling could not control when the vehicles ahead come to a sudden halt owing to the bad condition of the road and are falling there, according to a shopkeeper, Sk. Vali.

Senior citizens who are going to Sankar Mutt and Lalita temple in the area are also facing hardship, a priest said.

The condition of the roads in the vicinity is no better with trenches dug for underground drainage.

The sooner it is completed and roads are restored to a good shape it is better for citizens.


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