More and more people pour out on to the streets, expressing their anger in diverse ways

There seemed to be no let up in the agitation against bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh as more and more people fanned out on to the streets and expressed their anguish in their own way.

Burning of tyres, tree trunks and setting up of barricades on the roads became common during the last two days in view of the bandh call given by the APNGOs Association and various JACs to protest against bifurcation of the State.

Motorists are either taking diversions or waiting patiently till the protesters gave way for them to proceed. Though some were irked by the protests, they were critical of the way the Congress had dealt with the contentious issue, without considering the feelings of the people of Seemandhra, who were on strike for over two months. Some, however, felt that there was no point in continuing the protests as a decision was already taken.

An elderly man was seen arguing with the protesters: “They (Congress leadership) have already taken a decision. What’s the point in organising strikes now?” he asked. There were, however, others who felt unless the people of Seemandhra showed their power the Congress leadership would not relent.

Hospitals hit

Work at government hospitals, government medical colleges and attached teaching hospitals in the 13 districts of Seemandhra came to a near standstill on Saturday as all services, barring emergencies, were stopped in response to the 72-hour bandh call given by the AP Government Doctor’s Association.

The Rythu Bazaar at MVP Colony wore a deserted look due to the bandh. The vegetables’ stocks, which arrived in the early hours, were bundled up and kept aside for want of buyers.

Hunger strike

APNGOs mourned the suicide of senior assistant Bapayya of Sattenapalli mandal in Guntur district. The relay hunger strike by lawyers of the Gajuwaka Bar Association continued for the 34 day on Saturday. Advocates Godi Ramakrishna, A. Venkateswara Rao, P.R.V. Narasinga Rao and Kanta Rao participated in the hunger strike.

Association president V. Eswara Rao and secretary M. Pattabhiramayya were present.

The lawyers, under the leadership of Mr. Pattabhiramayya, got the Railway Reservation counter, LIC and SBI at Gajuwaka closed.

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