Chaos on the roads can be avoided and accidents considerably brought down when all road users adhere to the rules. Simple things like wearing a helmet, avoiding triple riding and talking over mobile while driving will go a long way in improving safety on the roads. This was the gist of City Police Commissioner B. Shivadhar Reddy’s presentation on road safety as part of the ‘Arrive alive’ campaign organised by Traffic Police at Mahindra Satyam here on Friday.

A video clip showing all two-wheeler riders wearing helmets at a traffic island came as a refreshing sight. “This is not in Visakhapatnam though I want it to be like that in our city,” the Police Commissioner said. The remaining clips, some of which were ghastly scenes of actual road accidents that occurred in Visakhapatnam, seemed to have driven home the point. Many of the employees of Mahindra Satyam must have witnessed chaos at the junction just outside their office after 10 p.m. when cars, motorcycles, trucks and trailers enter the intersection at the same time as the signal lights are either switched off or amber lights keep blinking. The impatience of the motorists results in avoidable delay and sometimes results in accidents at the junction.

Underlining the importance of strapping up the helmets, Mr. Reddy said that not strapping up was as good as not wearing a helmet.

He advised both motorcycle riders and pillions to wear helmets for their own safety. Car drivers should wear seat belts and all motorists should avoid driving after consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Location Head of Mahindra Satyam Vissu Kandukuri spoke. Additional DCP (traffic) V. Suresh Babu administered the safe driving pledge to all the participants. Assistant Commissioner of Police (traffic) M. Raja Rao was present.

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