VIP Road Junction stands testimony to chaotic situation

Increasing number of vehicles has been adding to the woes of road users and at some important junctions near-chaotic situation prevails with the traffic being unregulated.

The dangerously moving unregulated traffic is strikingly visible at VIP Road Junction. The traffic from VIP road joins the junction where the road from Rama Talkies leads to Maddilapalem and the one from Bullayya college side joins the stream.

The location of a petrol bunk, a mall and stopping of some private vehicles there adds to the large number of vehicles.

Peak hours

The peak hour evening traffic is seen moving in all directions with buses coming from opposite directions and two-wheelers trying to zip through. Number of cars also move closely in opposite and same direction with everyone deftly manoeuvring their vehicles and pedestrians doing a near-trapeze act.

With glaring headlights, driving vehicles will be particularly difficult particularly for those on two-wheelers.

With the difference in road levels two-wheelers run the risk of skidding. The road is much wider than before as it is part of the Simhachalam corridor of the Bus Rapid Transit System.

The width can be used better, if everyone exercises control. But, it is now being used to take wider turn and find a way to move faster. In the process everyone is getting caught in a jam.

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